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Before and after cleaning with our safe low pressure treatment.
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We service the entirety of Lexington and the greater area, so if you need a way to bring your property up to its full potential before selling then using our high quality, premium low pressure chemical roof cleaning system could be exactly the boost to your home's curb appeal that you need! Even if you stay outside of the city we may be able to help you, so get in touch today and find out if we can help you.

Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly

The chemicals we use are eco friendly and wont hurt any plants or property.

Before and After
Before and after

When you hire us to clean your roof, you can see the difference it makes.

The difference

Having your roof cleaned is a commonly missed area of housekeeping that many of us don't even think about.


Here at Lexington Roof Cleaning we understand exactly what the benefits are of keeping that roof spick and span.

Why bother with Roof Cleaning?

Aside from the health risks associated with black algae you will also find that the staining on the roof looks unsightly – and it doesn't have to be caused by algae alone. Soot, pollution, smoke, acid rain and poor weather can all be blamed for your roof taking on an unhealthy appearance. Fortunately with Lexington Roof Cleaning this doesn't need to be the case!

Black Streaks on your roof are most commonly caused by the algae Gleocapsa Magma which starts off as a mold but, if left untreated, can develop into the algae which ultimately stains your roof for good. That's right – if you leave those black streaks for too long they won't just damage your home's curb appeal: they will also create permanent streaks that can only be removed with successive bleaching and scrubbing. To save yourself money in the long term engage in our low pressure chemical roof cleaning system!

When your roof becomes seemingly irreparably stained do not stress! Where consulting a building contractor will result in you having to go to the costly expense of replacing the whole roof, when you engage Lexington Roof cleaning we can get that staining out and return your roof to normal. It'll be hard work and you will almost certainly need successive treatments – but it is one hell of a lot cheaper than the expense of replacing your whole roof!

Whether your roof is dirty and stained, damaged by pollution, wrecked by acid rain, stained by smoke, covered in algae, suffering from mold or mildew damage or is clogged up with moss – you need our services. Dark roofing causes your AC to work overtime in all seasons as your roof has been ergonomically designed to reflect heat in summer and store it in winter. When your roof becomes filthy this effect stops working – so a dirty roof might actually be costing you money.

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- "I called to get a price for cleaning my roof and they responded very quickly with a quote that was very reasonable. Mike set me up for an appointment and then as scheduled he showed up on time and did a fantastic job. My roof looks better than ever. I will recommend him to all my friends and I will definitely use him again!"

Michael K., Roof Cleaning Lexington, KY

Eco Friendly

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